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Ingrid Cuk, Chef Chocolatier and Sommelier, is at the moment the Director of the Chocolate School which takes her name, the first school of its type in Argentina. She is also the creator of the Chocolate Taste Club and the educational program of Chocolate Sommelier.

With the support of her 25 years of experience in teaching, her vast knowledge as Chocolatier and her prestige as Gastronomical Consultant and Advisor, Ingrid Cuk offers in her teaching institute different proposals related with training and enjoyment of this fabulous cocoa product along with other gastronomical proposals such as liquors, jams, bakery, tea, coffee and wine, among others.

Inside the frame of an integral training, the Chocolate Course we propose is designed to offer the future Chocolatier the widest diversity of tools possible to develop its own and exclusive chocolates, to manage its own enterprise or to access the labor market with solid bases and an updated knowledge; all of this guaranteed by the wide experience in teaching and in the art of chocolate of its Director, Ingrid Cuk.

The course is organized in a first level, divided in two parts, after which a degree of Chocolatier is achieved. During this level, the student is> trained in the chocolate work, while guiding him in the development of an integral enterprise. The second level includes twelve short seminars which allow the improvement and specialization of the student in the development and elaboration of different creative and vanguard products to offer.

For those people who need a more specific training or shorter than the main course, but want to acquire the tools to work with chocolate, we offer a wide variety of short courses about different topics.

Specially designed for those people who live abroad and look for an advanced training in our Country, Ingrid Cuk's Chocolate School offers them different proposals, specially adapted to the necessity of each of these students so that they can access the training necessary to develop they own enterprises, improve their knowledge or develop new lines of products inside the vanguard of chocolate, which they can take back to their countries.

The main aim is to recover the costs of the trip and the stay in Argentina through a solid formation in the last tendencies in chocolate, which will train the student in the greatest amount of techniques possible to be applied in enterprises and business abroad in order to maximize sales and offer a product of excellence. We look forward to concentrate in one journey all the training the student wishes to take and to make the most of each day.

Another option are the Taste Meetings, which are aimed for chocolate loving public, who enjoy tasting and knowing different proposals on the topic. We offer the first Chocolate Sommerlier course, an alternative of professional training. During the course, students will learn to combine or marriage chocolates with different beverages and they will try nontraditional combinations to discover new tastes never though before. All this will be conducted in the frame of gradual learning, evolving in the appreciation of sensorial parameters, covering a trip through the senses to recognize different qualities and characteristics of each product.

As a complement to our services, for those entrepreneurs who want to offer a vanguard line of products, specially adapted to its market, we offer a personalized Consultancy, watching in detail all the stages since the creation of a product or project until marketing and sales.

Our jewel: we design and develop premium chocolates for special events, personalizing even the smallest detail according to the taste and profile of the guests. Among a wide variety of chocolates of the world, we choose the best in quality and refinement to provide an exceptional final product with an own brand.

The range of flavors includes from appetizer chocolates, going through savory snacks with chocolate which include cheese, olives, mushrooms, salmon and smoked products, among others.

It will be a pleasure to receive you. in Ingrid Cuk's Chocolate School!